[Mimedefang] Mail exchangers at roaringpenguin.com

Mark admin at asarian-host.net
Wed Nov 19 18:48:06 EST 2003

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Subject: RE: [Mimedefang] Mail exchangers at roaringpenguin.com

> I note that though
> (which is owned by Cyberus Online Inc.)
> reverse-name-lookup resolves to roaringpenguin.net,
> roaringpenguin.net
> name-lookup resolves to
> (which is owned by Allstream Corporation)
> It seems that Cyberus Online has rather sneakily set up their reverse DNS
> to make it look as though their IP's are roaringpenguin.com

That is odd. Here, roaringpenguin.net does not resolve at all. And still resolves to roaringpenguin.com. In fact, your latest
response came from that address:

Received: from www.roaringpenguin.com (roaringpenguin.com [])

And I still cannot find being listed anywhere as MX record for

- Mark

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