[Mimedefang] local socket name/var/spool/MIMEDefang/mimedefang.sock unsafe

Darin Riedlinger dsr900 at dss.state.va.us
Wed Nov 12 08:45:00 EST 2003

You may want to look at the /etc/rc.d/init.d/mimedefang start up script
(if you are using it start up mimedefang).  I received a few errors
similar to yours, I then uncommented the lines dealing with the sock
files.  It seemed to do the trick. 



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I got these if I restarted sendmail without restarting mimedefang after
fully shutting sendmail down.  In some cases, I've had to wait 15
seconds before MD was *safe* for sendmail to open those .sock's.
Perhaps this may help.


> I'm still receiving these errors. The directories exist 
> and they have
> the correct permissions.
> Nov 11 15:14:05 rhlx01 sendmail[19753]: hABLE50V019753: 
> Milter (mimedefang):
> local socket name /var/spool/MIMEDefang/mimedefang.sock unsafe
> Nov 11 15:14:05 rhlx01 sendmail[19753]: hABLE50V019753: 
> Milter (mimedefang):
> to error state

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