[Mimedefang] Razor2?

Kevin A. McGrail kmcgrail at peregrinehw.com
Thu Jul 24 09:38:01 EDT 2003

> Tried that, nothing in the header indicates that any Razor2 test has
> been made. In the defang/.razor/razor-agent.log I can see that it's a
> known spam. I don't get it, the log shows that the razor-tests are being
> made, but spamassassin doesn't seem to care.

Hmm... Thinking...

Any possibility something in your spamassassin configuration is disabling
RAZOR such as scoring it to 0?  Also, are you using SpamAssassin 2.55 and MD

I just triple confirmed that I do get the RAZOR2 in the heading so I guess
this could be a bug but I can't see how.

Out of interest have you had any spam come in naturally (i.e. not prompted
by you doing tests) that has gotten tagged as RAZOR2 and then looked at
those emails?

Right Confused,


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