[Mimedefang] Razor2?

Kim Leandersson kim.leandersson at chs.chalmers.se
Thu Jul 24 05:40:01 EDT 2003

> Hi Kim,
> The root/.razor log is irrelevant(hopefully?).  What user are 
> you running the multiplexor as and does that user have a 
> razor_log?  I *hope* you are not running the multiplexor as root.

I'm running the multiplexor as the user defang and the razor-log I'm
talking about is in the defang users home directory. This razor-log is
full of lines indicating that tests are being made.

> Unless you are using my default milter example, David pointed 
> out that it's possible you also need to set the 
> SALocalTestsOnly variable to 0.  Did you see that posting?  
> That variable isn't in the example script in v2.35 so you'll 
> need to add it.

I used your milter example and have the SALocalTestsOnly variable set to

> Finally, if you want to, 
> http://www.peregrinehw.com/downloads/junk/temp> /razor_spam.zip 
> this zip file has an email in it that should 
> trigger RAZOR2 with a 91-100% confidence rating.

Tried that, nothing in the header indicates that any Razor2 test has
been made. In the defang/.razor/razor-agent.log I can see that it's a
known spam. I don't get it, the log shows that the razor-tests are being
made, but spamassassin doesn't seem to care.


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