[Mimedefang] Code fragment works only sometimes

Andrea Venturoli ml.ventu at flashnet.it
Sun Jul 13 15:35:01 EDT 2003

** Reply to note from Mitch at 0Bits.COM Sun, 13 Jul 2003 20:27:45 +0100 (BST)

> > Can I see from any log whether a timeout was exceeded? 
> Yup, this is where you should start looking. Assuming your syslogd is 
> setup correctly you should see in one of your log files messages like 
> Jul  9 11:33:45 core mimedefang[8743]: Error from multiplexor: ERR Filter timed out - check filter rules or system load 

I don't see any of this.

> Jul  9 11:33:45 core sm-mta[8741]: h69AVimm008741: Milter: data, reject=451 4.7.1 Please try again later 
> Jul  9 11:33:45 core sm-mta[8741]: h69AVimm008741: to=<mitch at 0bits.com>, delay=00:02:00, pri=140423, stat=Please try again later

And of these neither, but I'm not supposed to see them until I put F=T, am I?

The only strange thing I see is 

 WARNING: Xmimedefang: local socket name /var/spool/MIMEDefang/mimedefang.sock missing

But I'm not sure this can be related to this problem or even what I should do to correct this.

 bye & Thanks

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