[Mimedefang] Configure uvscan to scan inside a zip file.

Lucas Albers admin at cs.montana.edu
Tue Jul 1 18:41:02 EDT 2003

I tested this before I posted it.
It does have the line in /usr/bin/mimedefang.pl
run_virus_scanner($Features{'Virus:NAI'} . " --noboot --secure --allole
$path 2>&1", "Found");

I can still send virus infected zip files through my mail server.
I just send myself a zipped copy of sobig, and it went through my mail
server without being detected and blocked.

And I have updated dat file to 4273, which detects zipped-sobig.

Have you sent a virus infected zip through your mail server?
And it detected the virus and blocked the attachment?

> On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, John McFarlane wrote:
>> I have had very good luck scanning the contents of zip files via uvscan.
>>  I
>> just updated the call to uvcan telling it to unzip if need be  :)
> MD runs uvscan with these commandline options:
> --noboot --secure --allole
>>From the uvscan man page:
>    --secure
>           Examine all files.  This  option  activates  the  --analyze  and
>           --unzip  options and deactivates the --selected and --extensions
>           options at the same time.  By default, this option is off.
> It already does unzip.
>   Jason
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