[Mimedefang] Configure uvscan to scan inside a zip file.

Jason Englander jason at englanders.cc
Tue Jul 1 17:28:01 EDT 2003

On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, John McFarlane wrote:

> I have had very good luck scanning the contents of zip files via uvscan.  I
> just updated the call to uvcan telling it to unzip if need be  :)

MD runs uvscan with these commandline options:

--noboot --secure --allole

>From the uvscan man page:

          Examine all files.  This  option  activates  the  --analyze  and
          --unzip  options and deactivates the --selected and --extensions
          options at the same time.  By default, this option is off.

It already does unzip.


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