[Mimedefang] PrePending Subject line.

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Sun Jul 27 10:58:01 EDT 2003

Hi folks, I just installed MIMEdefang and SPAMassassin this week.. what a
cool setup. It's doing wonders already. I have a couple of config
questions though....

I looked through the list and saw another conversation about it, but not
the answer... so I thought I would ask again...

When SPAMassassin sends back a high rating for an email...

I want to prepend the subject line with "***SPAM***" while keeping the
rest of the original subject line intact...

How can I do this?

  if I want to not bother scanning any mail I generate based on
  my domain, my server's IP address (for Majordomo) -

 should I just put that in filter_begin?

 What would the syntax look like (keeping in mind I'm not much of a perl



p.s. MIMEdefang needs a little box-button logo so we can put it on our
websites... I have a link there now, but would like a little button-y
thing too... :)

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