[Mimedefang] Mail body gets stripped?!

alan premselaar alien at 12inch.com
Thu Feb 27 20:22:02 EST 2003


 what mail client are you using?  I've experienced strange things with
entourage X, where it wouldn't display the message body, although i could
see all the headers when i opened the message.  I tried opening the same
mail with PINE on the server and everything was there.

I also then tried to open it with Mail.app and it was able to display it
correctly.  Relaunching entourage seemed to for some reason resolve the

hopefully this is helpful


On 2/28/03 8:06 AM, "Wimprine, Thomas" <twimprine at stei.com> wrote:

> We had MIMEDefang and SpamAssassin working properly for a few weeks. I am
> the only one that works on our Linux box (RH 8.0) and for some reason when I
> came in today anything that SpamAssassin/MIMEDefang tags as spam and
> modifies the header to, it removes the body of the message. I can see the
> header and the rating the txt file is attached but there is no content.
> Personally I'm out of ideas. I've upgraded SA and MIMEDefang, and replaced
> the filter file back to the original. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thomas Wimprine
> Network Administrator
> 504.729.1495
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