[Mimedefang] filter_bad_filename

Carol Man mimedefang at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 26 13:54:01 EDT 2003

Hello Jim!

   Well, after I wrote to you I tried to put the "#"
back (# 0 InputMailFilters=mimedefang) and it had no
problem... it seens to run correctly...

   I tried to do what you said but the filter still
not working.. =( .. and I have another doubt: when I
restart the sendmail (/etc/mail/sendmail stop), it has
a part that always is said [FAILED]:

   Shutting down sendmail:              [OK]
   Shutting down sm-client:             [FAILED]
   Shutting down mimedefang:            [OK]
   Shutting down mimedefang-multiplexor [OK]

   Do you think that this would interfere the problem
that I'm having? I hope don't... =P


--- Jim McCullars wrote:

>    That won't work, because when you define a mail
> filter in your
> sendmail.mc file it creates a lot of other config
> stuff too.  Furthermore,
> you should never hand-edit sendmail.cf - always use
> sendmail.mc and let it
> build a config file.
>    Since you said that you had the INPUT_MAIL_FILTER
> statement in your
> sendmail.mc file, it sounds like all you need to do
> is:
>   1.) Go to the directory where your sendmail.mc
> file is located
>   2.) Type in: sh Build sendmail.cf
>   3.) Type in: sh Build install-cf
>   4.) Restart sendmail
> Jim

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