[Mimedefang] Off-Topic: Virus Scanner Alternatives

Steven_Ellison at brlhardy.com.au Steven_Ellison at brlhardy.com.au
Mon Apr 7 17:39:01 EDT 2003

I am also using ClamAV.  I am extremely impressed with its performance. We 
use Norton on the
Internal Lotus Domino server and eTrust on all workstations.  We have not 
caught any viruses
with either Norton or eTrust since we started scanning with ClamAV on the 
mail gateway.

                Steven Ellison

    MIS Department, The Hardy Wine Company
       Reynella, South Australia, 5161
----- Forwarded by Steven Ellison/BRLH/au on 08/04/2003 07:05 AM -----

> Researching alternatives to KAV or RAV with MD and wanted
> some opinions as to what others are using.  I looked at
> clamav but it seems to be inactive, or I just went to the
> wrong place.  Not sure about Sophie.  Any suggestions, good or bad?

I'm using ClamAV and it works like a charm. I update it several times a
day and so far it seems to catch as many viruses as Norton is on my
exchange server.


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