[Mimedefang] Re: Still: unknown family 54

Benoit Panizzon panizzon at woody.ch
Sat Apr 5 04:26:01 EST 2003

> Nope, the unknown family 54 error originates from libmilter/engine.c,
> and indicates that libmilter was built using a different
> devtools/Site/site.config.m4 (or alternate file, or ENV settings that do
> the same) than Sendmail was.  If building Sendmail from source and using
> a custom site.config.m4 file (e.g. not one under the devtools/Site
> directory), the same custom config must be specified for both sendmail
> and libmilter:

Hmm, I just rebuilt sendmail from scratch and there is only one
site.config.m4 present:

But I still get this error...

What else could be wrong?


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