[Mimedefang] Autoresponse to old domain

Shawn Button sbutton at dtjboulder.com
Thu Apr 3 12:40:01 EST 2003

No reply unfortunately, but that group is active and I can understand it
is hard to respond to everything.

We run vacation, but I am not sure how it would differentiate between
the 2 domains.

Thank you.

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>I posted this on the sendmail group with no response...I apologize
>this is probably off-topic but I am not sure where else to post...

You mean the comp.mail.sendmail newsgroup? And neither Claus nor Per
responded to this? 

I would imagine you could 'hack' mimedefang to do what you want. If that
does not do, I would suggest looking at the 'vacation' program that
comes with Sendmail, you should be able to modify this to do what you
want. Or perhaps use procmail. There are some caveats. As in 'invalid
sender addresses' which will result in bounces and possibly loops which
you'd have to take care of.

Hope this helps.


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