[Mimedefang] user_prefs not working

tasdevil at newsguy.com tasdevil at newsguy.com
Tue Sep 3 20:40:01 EDT 2002

Not sure if this is a mime-defang or a spamassassin problem so apologies in
advance if to the wrong list!

I can't seem to get the user_prefs for whitelist overrideing working. Spam
assassin created the file for me (probably whilst testing it manually). Didnt
create it for another user, so I copied the file to his home directory.
/home/user/.spamassassin/user_prefs. I have entries in there but it seems to
be totally ignoring it.

i have made the file 666 on permissions and the directory is 755 just for
testing purposes no difference.

If anyone has any ideas that would be fantastic. If its a spamassassin problem
let me know I'll post to that mailing list.

(mime-defang 2.19, spamassassin 2.4)

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