[Mimedefang] Prior art sought

Clayton, Nik [IT] nik.clayton at citigroup.com
Thu Sep 26 07:20:01 EDT 2002

> According to http://www.eym.com/products/mas/, EYM has a 
> "patent-pending" system which strips attachments from e-mail and makes
> available via a URL, much like action_replace_with_url.

MHonArc does this.  Take a look at 


    "Most application types are decoded and saved to an external file with 
     a link to the file created in the HTML. Some application types can be 
     converted directly to HTML."

It's had that facility since at least 1996 (which is when I last used

Just about any web-based mail system has to have this sort of functionality
as well (Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc).

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