[Mimedefang] Mime Defang Graphs

John Kirkland jpk at bl.org
Mon Sep 23 16:00:01 EDT 2002

Hi, Jon,

Thanks!  I released it yesterday, with instructions sent to the mailing

I have added your request to the TODO list.  Right now it's not possible
because I'm not using /var/log/maillog for creating the graphs.  I do
intend to use the maillog at some point, but I feel I need to add data
summary caching to the application so you aren't scanning the ENTIRE
maillog each time you want to display graphs.

What I intend to do to fulfill this request (in order):

1.  Add data caching for summary data so I don't have to go back to the
raw data for each graph.
2.  Switch graph engine to work off of the /var/log/maillog file.
3.  Collect additional summary statistics from /var/log/maillog regarding
total sent messages.
4.  Add option to graphdefang to display total sent statistics on charts.

John Kirkland

On Sun, 22 Sep 2002, Jon Kenoyer wrote:

> This looks great.  Would it be possible to also display the total amount
> of e-mail processed?  For instance, on the Spam and Virus count say
> 2,410 out of 8,630 e-mails processed. 27% of e-mail received was spam or
> something.  This would give context to the numbers.
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> All,
> I've spent this weekend building graphing software for my MIMEDefang
> spam
> and virus activity.
> http://www.westover.org/~jpk/spam
> The graphs can be built from custom syslog'ing within mimedefang-filter
> or
> from the contents of your quarantine directories.  You can set master
> options like titles, x-axis, y-axis, grouping, top number of points to
> display, chart type, chart interval, and more...
> I should be finished with the first set of features in another day or
> so.
> If people are interested, I'll release it publicly under the GPL.
> Interested?
> Regards,
> John Kirkland
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