[Mimedefang] What to do w/ SPAM?

Jeff Grossman jeff at stikman.com
Sun Sep 22 21:28:01 EDT 2002

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>     It's 11pm.  Do you know where your SPAM is?  And I'm not referring
to Stuff
> Posing As Meat.  I'm referring to email SPAM.
>     Seriously, what do people do with this stuff?  action_discard()?
> action_bounce()?   I don't know how well action_bounce() would work
since many
> of these have spoofed email addresses, so you'd end up with the bounce
> cluttering up the postmaster's account on your system.

But, you would be bouncing the message at the SMTP transaction level, so
you never actually receive it.  The sending server will have to deal
with the bounce, not you.

>     And, action_discard() just pitches the thing, and the culprit will
> assume their mail got delivered since they didn't get any bounce
> This might not work in cases where someone does send you legitimate
email, but
> accidentally gets tagged as SPAM (and consequently pitched.)
>     What do you do?
Well, that is one drawback to this system.  I feel you need to make sure
you use a pretty high number to match against before you start
discarding mail.  You should monitor mail first, and put in any
whitelist entries you need before you start discarding the e-mail.


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