[Mimedefang] What to do w/ SPAM?

Jon Kenoyer jonk at otsi.com
Sun Sep 22 18:46:02 EDT 2002

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On Sat Sep 21 2002 at 16:58, "Ashley M. Kirchner" wrote:

>     It's 11pm.  Do you know where your SPAM is?  And I'm not
> referring to Stuff Posing As Meat.  I'm referring to email SPAM.


>     Seriously, what do people do with this stuff?

We are a small 15 employee company.  Our first line of defense is a DNS
check with spam cop.  This catches about 90% of the spam. The next line
of defense is mime-defang running with spamassassin and the perl virus
scanner. If the e-mail is above the 10 spamassassin mark the subject
line is appended with SPAM!.  Clients then have client side rules to
usually dump these in a spam folder.  If the mark is more then double it
is rejected as spam.  Before implementing this spam had gotten so bad it
was literally crippling our e-mail system.  The day afterwards my boss
commented he was so used to getting a spam every 5 minutes he almost
felt lonely only receiving work related e-mail ;)
Our company is also a MS shop. I must say the options with FreeBSD (or
whatever Unix flavor you choose) are a galaxy beyond what was open with
our Exchange, which had half features for 10 times the software price ;)

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