[Mimedefang] Rehashing Filter & Resending Message

Justin King justin at othius.com
Thu May 9 21:08:40 EDT 2002

> > First question:
> > When I change my filter, what's the best way to get it reloaded? killall
> > perl? I'd like to do it without interrupting current slaves.

Ahh.. kill -INT, I was trying kill -HUP. Thanks.

> > When I get messages that have spamassassin score of 15 or higher, I want
> > them to be resent to my spamtroll box, but I don't want them to be
scanned a
> > second time. What do you think the best way to do this is? Manually
> > sendmail?
> This is a job for a delivery agent like Procmail, perhaps?  Or do you
> want this system-wide?  If it's system-wide, why not just append the
> message to a file?

Everything I do is system-wide. I implement mimedefang in a sendmail gateway
that is in front of an exchange organization. There are no local mailboxes
(well, aside from this spamtroll). I've found that add_recipient, rather
than action_resend($recip) keeps it from being scanned a second time.
Procmail delivers it to an mbox formatted file which I can then monitor with
mail and submit as appropriate to razor with the --mbox flag. Works great.
Though I will have to run a script on the mbox to strip out the added [Spam]
to the subject before razor-report.


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