AW: [Mimedefang] Sendmail crash

David F. Skoll dfs at
Wed Mar 27 13:19:30 EST 2002

On 27 Mar 2002, Robert Dege wrote:

> Pardon my naivness, but are you saying that sendmail will try to deliver
> the message later, or the user's mailserver will received a deferred
> response from my mailserver & try sending the messaged at a later time?

The sending relay will receive a tempfail notice and should resend the
message later.

> I have 760+ mdefang folders in the MIMDefang work directory.

Actually, I meant how many messages do you receive per day?

> This is
> why I have to deliver these messages.  It doesn't appear as if they're
> going to be resent through MIMEDefang.

They will not, but the sending relay should have resent them by now.

> Another question.  If I stop & restart mimedefang & sendmail, thus
> forcing it to stop work on current mdefang dir's, will it scan for these
> directories, or are these email considered lost as well?

They are not lost.  The sending machine will get a temporary failure code
and should resend them.  However, MIMEDefang will never look at them again.



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