[Mimedefang] Sendmail crash

Robert Dege rcd at amherst.com
Wed Mar 27 10:27:38 EST 2002

> Ditto what David said -- if you're not using the multiplexor, it's
> definitely worth the little bit of extra head-scratching it takes to get
> it up and running.  That'll save you the overhead of starting a new perl
> process for every message that comes in.

I have the multiplexor running.  I start off with 12 sessions running,
and allow up to a max of 20.

> Also, if you're not placing a ceiling on the size of message you're
> feeding to spamassassin, I'd definitely consider doing so.  Messages
> that get beyond 100-200K in size aren't very likely to be spam, and
> depending on what level of traffic you get that's beyond that, the
> savings from not having to run the 100+ SpamAssassin tests on something
> that size may be fairly significant.  There's some sample filter code
> for this in the "Mimedefang Tips" site at 
> 	http://thompsonic.com/util/antispam/mimedefang.html

I will try capping the size of the message.  That sounds like a good
idea.  My biggest concern is that the server gets soo bogged down, that
MIMEDefang starts timing out on sendmail, and in turn, sendmail start
rejecting incoming mail.

Any idea how I can manually process all those mdefang* directories that
have yet to be processed?


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