[Mimedefang] Sendmail crash

Mark Roedel MarkRoedel at letu.edu
Wed Mar 27 10:09:21 EST 2002

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> Also, on a side note, I've noticed some really heavy loads since
> integrating MIMEDEFANG.  Any optimizing tweaks are appreciated. 
> I'm running mail on a AMD 350MHz w/128 RAM on Redhat 6.2, 2.2.19. 
> Sendmail 8.11.6 with MIMEDefang 2.6, & Spamassassin 2.11.  My ONLY
> rule is to query spamassassin & quarantine/discard if spamassass
> is true.

Ditto what David said -- if you're not using the multiplexor, it's
definitely worth the little bit of extra head-scratching it takes to get
it up and running.  That'll save you the overhead of starting a new perl
process for every message that comes in.

Also, if you're not placing a ceiling on the size of message you're
feeding to spamassassin, I'd definitely consider doing so.  Messages
that get beyond 100-200K in size aren't very likely to be spam, and
depending on what level of traffic you get that's beyond that, the
savings from not having to run the 100+ SpamAssassin tests on something
that size may be fairly significant.  There's some sample filter code
for this in the "Mimedefang Tips" site at 

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