[Mimedefang] lowering server Load Average with AVP

Vadim Smelyansky jim at afik1.co.il
Wed Jun 19 10:12:09 EDT 2002


    If author there, please replace command line for AVP antivirus to 
next code, this will lower LA on busy servers. kavdaemon always running 
and do not load databases and consume memory on each call
for your informaintion AVP executable long time ago change it name from 
"AVPLinux" to "kavscanner"
On my server this change lowered LA from 4 to 0.5

sub entity_contains_virus_avp {


    chomp($cwd = `pwd`);
    # Run antivir
    my($code, $category, $action) =
        run_virus_scanner("/opt/AVP/kavdaemon $cwd -o{$cwd/$path} -Y -O- 
-K -I0
-WU=$cwd/KAV.RPT 2>&1");

sub run_virus_scanner {
    chomp($cwd = `pwd`);

    if (open(REPORT,"$cwd/KAV.RPT")){
      while(<REPORT>) {
        $msg .= $_;

even if "kavdaemon" not running it will be started on first run

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