[Mimedefang] MIMEDefang 2.16-BETA-1

Ken March ken at implant.net
Wed Jun 26 18:59:24 EDT 2002

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002, David F. Skoll wrote:

> The main change from 2.15 is support for Kaspersky Anti-Virus "kavdaemon"
> program, which should be pretty efficient.  I followed instructions in
> an e-mail from Vadim Smelyansky, but I do not have KAV myself.  Anyone
> who uses KAV, please test 2.16-BETA-1 and let me know.

Hi David,

I tried 2.16-BETA-1 this afternoon.

I've already applied Vadim's changes to 2.15, and everything there works
fine (with the excpetion of being able to read the report file that
kavdaemon generates - perl isn't able to open  the file.  I'll actually
try digging into that one when I have time to look at it, but I think it's
possibly a permissions thing).

However Vadim's changes were only to entity_contains_virus_avp().  The
same changes for the kavdaemon command line must also be made to
message_contains_virus_avp().  Here's a diff:

--- mimedefang.pl.in-original   Wed Jun 26 16:45:56 2002
+++ mimedefang.pl.in    Wed Jun 26 16:51:21 2002
@@ -2056,7 +2056,7 @@
        chomp($cwd = `pwd`);
        ($code, $category, $action) =
-           run_virus_scanner($Features{'Virus:AVP'} . " -Y -O- -K -I0
-WU=$cwd/DAEMON.RPT $cwd/Work 2>&1");
+           run_virus_scanner($Features{'Virus:AVP'} . " $cwd
-o{$cwd/Work} -Y -O- -K -I0 -WU=$cwd/DAEMON.RPT 2>&1");
     } else {
        ($code, $category, $action) =
            run_virus_scanner($Features{'Virus:AVP'} . " -Y -O- -K -I0
./Work 2>&1");

message_contains_virus_avp() works like a charm once you make those

Once I figure out what's going on with these RPT files I'll let you know
whether or not it's a problem on my box (perms/etc.) or whether changes
are need to mimedefang.


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