[Mimedefang] A little confusered

Weyland nw2linux at varangiankindred.org
Fri Jun 21 04:29:54 EDT 2002

From: <Karel.DeBruyne at ua.ac.be>

> > The man page: man mimedefang-filter is a good place to start, assuming
> > you know Perl.  If you do not know Perl, then good luck... you have a
> > steep learning curve ahead. :-)
> I don't agree !
> If you know any other programming language (Pascal, C, Basic,...) one can
> get very fast used to Perl.
> Just buy "Programming Perl" from O'Reilly, skip the "Learning Perl".
> Good luck.
> Karel

Greetz, Karel~!

Well, thatz the problem... I'm still new enough to not know anything...
I *have* played around with the Advanced BASH 
Shell Scripting Guide, but I'm admittedly still quite the novice.
I managed to write a few very simple things, but nothing spectacular.

That sums up my programming experience. (:<)

So, would you still say to skip "Learning Perl" ?



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