[Mimedefang] what bounce does

Scott Field sfield at idx.com.au
Fri Jun 14 08:07:57 EDT 2002

Many thanks David, that's just as I hoped.
Our company has been using your MIMEDefang since last November and 
it works really well.
It just sits there and does its job. 
"Defanging" is definitely what some attachments need.
Just the thought of it makes me chuckle.
Keep up the great work!


PS I had to post a new message because I wasn't sure how to reply
to the thread.....

>On Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Scott Field wrote:
>>/ Why is bouncing an email bad?
/>>/ I thought that if you tell the peer MTA that you are not accepting the email,
/>>/ thats OK.
>It is, but if someone has faked the sender address, bouncing an e-mail
>will most likely cause the sending MTA to send a failure notice to the
>(faked) sender address, so you have to be careful.
>I will probably remove the warning, though; it's a bit strong.  One thing:
>I do not recommend action_notify_sender, because if someone has faked a
>sender address, your notifications will go to the wrong person and/or will
>bounce back to you.


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