[Mimedefang] Choosing Rules for SpamAssassin

Tim Kramer kramer.tim at cox.net
Wed Jun 12 18:47:00 EDT 2002

Why not score the mail and allow the users to filter?
You can even configure Outlook to reroute mail to a
separate folder if the "X-Spam-Flag: Yes" header

- Tim

On Wed, 2002-06-12 at 14:53, Nic Clair wrote:
> We are using Mimedefang 2.14.  I got mamagment to
> allow the use of SpamAssassin 2.20, what I want to
> know is, is there a way to only have it check some
> rules.  IE only PORN rules in SpamAssassin.  Managment
> wants to start slow and they aggred to PORN for now.
> thanks
> -nic
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