[Mimedefang] Easy way to tell message is sent from local machine?

Nate Carlson natecars at real-time.com
Fri Jun 7 14:36:19 EDT 2002

On Fri, 7 Jun 2002, David F. Skoll wrote:
> There is a way for Sendmail to pass macros to milter (which will let
> you tell if a user is authenticated or not), but currently, MIMEDefang
> doesn't give access to those macros.  It's on my TODO list.

If you ever have time to implement it, it'd be lovely.  :)  I realize a
lot of things are probably much higher priority than this, though.. if the
code was in Perl, I'd look at helping out, but when it comes to C, I'm

> Do the dial-up users dial directly into the Sendmail machine?  If not,
> why not just NAT them to a single IP address when they access the mail
> relay?  You could have firewall rules that only NAT connections from
> dialup users to TCP port 25 to your mail server to minimize
> disruption.

Nope, these are dialups around the world (and also a bunch of random users
on cable modems, dsl, and that type of thing).. the box I'm trying to
implement this on is actually just my personal web/mail server, but I
provide e-mail for a lot of friends and family members who live all over
the place.. I could also just tell them to use their ISP's SMTP server,
but that doesn't help people who roam from network to network with their

> Can you set up a separate Sendmail box for dial-up users to use as
> their outgoing relay and then have it use the real box as a smarthost?
> Again, this will make all internal mail come from a single IP address.

Hmm.. yes, yes I could.  I'm going to be moving everything over to a new
set of servers anyways, so I'll have to see if I end up with a spare box
to do this on.. thanks!

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