[Mimedefang] Easy way to tell message is sent from local machine?

Jason Englander jason at englanders.cc
Fri Jun 7 12:36:23 EDT 2002

On Fri, 7 Jun 2002, Nate Carlson wrote:

> Is there an easy way to tell if a message is being sent from the local
> machine out to someone else?

man mimedefang-filter:

              The IP address of the sending relay (as a string consisting
              of four dot-separated decimal numbers.)  One potential  use
              of  $RelayAddr is to limit mailing to certain lists to peo-
              ple within your organization.

So if you "inside" IPs are 192.168.0.*, then you might want to do
something like this:

  if ($RelayAddr =~ /^192\.168\.1\./ || $RelayAddr eq '') {
    # Take action on mail from the inside

If they all come through a firewall before hitting the mail server, then
any mail from that IP should be from the inside.

Mickey: This question might be a good one for the HOWTO's FAQ

Jason Englander
jason at englanders.cc

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