[Mimedefang] Question about whitelist_to?

Nels Lindquist nlindq at maei.ca
Mon Jul 29 13:27:00 EDT 2002

On 26 Jul 2002 at 14:26, Steve Christy wrote:

> I have Sendmail 8.12.5 running with MimeDefang 2.16 and SA 2.30. In 
> sa-mimedefang.cf, I am using whitelist_from which works fine, but it 
> doesn't seem to use whitelist_to, more_spam_to, or all_spam_to. Aren't 
> these variables available to SA through MimeDefang?  Is the only way to 
> implement them to add them into mimedefang-filter? I'd like to keep them 
> all in the .cf file for ease of maintenance instead of directly entering 
> them in mimedefang-filter.

I'm using whitelist_to and all_spam_to in my 
/etc/mail/spamassassin/sa-mimedefang.cf, and it's working just fine 
(with some amusing exceptions).  Are you sure you don't have a syntax 
error in those lines or something?

Nels Lindquist <*>
Information Systems Manager
Morningstar Air Express Inc.

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