[Mimedefang] Broken Pipe in Milter?

Dale_Whiteaker-Lewis at Dell.com Dale_Whiteaker-Lewis at Dell.com
Mon Jul 8 07:22:04 EDT 2002

Thanks for the feedback, David.  I should be more clear, when I get these
messages, they are almost all I get, in addition to a smaller number of the
MIMEDefang errors mentioned below;  no mail appears to be successfully
delivered.  If I take the milter out of the sendmail config, then of course
it delivers the mail just fine with few such errors.  I'll be investigating
the OS and hardware angle tomorrow, since I have 4 other almost identical
HW/SW configurations doing just fine.  
Of more concern to me now is the advent of the problem of
mimedefang-multiplexor dying when under high load.  This has happened on all
4 remaining machines at some point today.  This may be due to my experiment
with setting the maximum instances of mimedefang.pl to 30.  I've sinced
scaled it back to 15 and, as yet, the problem has not recurred.  Tomorrow
will be a big day for MIMEDefang here, as we see how it performs under a
weekday load.  Wish me luck.

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On Sat, 6 Jul 2002 Dale_Whiteaker-Lewis at Dell.com wrote:

> Thanks.  8.12.5 w/MD 2-15 w/SpamAssassin 2.31 doesn't seem to do the 
> trick. I get a ton of "client didn't issue EXPN" etc. type messages as 
> well and no messages are processed.  Curiouser and curiouser...

> Example maillog snippet:
> Jul  6 23:02:37 smtp6 sendmail[27892]: g6742a3J027892: 
> [] did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection 
> to MTA

This is quite normal, if you are using access maps or DNS blacklists to ban
open relays.  If, for any reason, your local Sendmail decides to deny access
to a mail server, you'll get this message logged.  Also, if spammers are
probing your server, you sometimes see this.

Bottom line:  If most messages are OK, and if you only get the milter error
message in conjunction with some other message (like the one above), your
setup is fine.  If mose messages seem to be getting stuck, then it's a real

> Jul  6 23:02:37 smtp6 mimedefang-multiplexor: Reap: Idle slave 0 (pid 
> 27896) exited normally with status 1 (SLAVE DIED UNEXPECTEDLY)

This message is a problem.  An idle slave terminating could mean bad



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