[Mimedefang] My machine is frozen

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Wed Jul 3 12:09:55 EDT 2002

Alain.Lavoie at ec.gc.ca wrote:

>     I don't know if this happen to someone else but every four/five
> days my PC froze. I have no prompt and the solution (hopefully
> temporairy) i have is reboot. The log is empty and i can't find
> anything. I'm suspecting SpamAssassin...

    It's very unlikely that either MIMEDefang or SpamAssassin is causing your lockups.  It's easy to test too: shut them off.  Run sendmail without milter, so to disable MIMEDefang all together.  Let it run see what happens.  Although, if it's just freezing up, my suspicion would be towards faulty hardware.  First culprit would be memory, second I would look at the motherboard.  You might also be running a stock kernel which causes odd interrupts on the specific motherboard you have, causing it to lock up.  Try a custom kernel (WARNING: make sure you know how to do this) and see how that goes.

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