[Mimedefang] MIMEDefang 3.3 released and more

Giovanni Bechis giovanni at paclan.it
Mon Jan 16 12:09:16 EST 2023

Hi everyone,

A new bugfix release is available at https://mimedefang.org/download
In this release some compatibilities issues have been fixed.
It's also possible to use md_graphdefang_log with utf8 data if your
syslog(8) server has utf8 support.

In addition to that MIMEDefang can now be used with OpenSMTPd as well by
using the new mimedefang-smtpd-filter bridge filter.

Full Changelog is available at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/The-McGrail-Foundation/MIMEDefang/master/Changelog

Thanks to all people involved.

 Best Regards

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