[Mimedefang] MIMEDefang 3.0-rc2

Giovanni Bechis giovanni at paclan.it
Fri Jun 3 11:28:34 EDT 2022

just released MIMEDefang 3.0-rc2 with many updates:

- split mimedefang.pl code in Perl modules
- add re_match_in_7zip_directory to check for files inside 7zip archives
- switch to Digest::SHA
- use new Rspamd connection method by default
- add anonymize_uri to remove utm_* parameters from uris
- add md_dkim_sign and md_dkim_verify to manipulate DKIM signatures
- add is_public_ip6_address to check if an ipv6 address is local
- add md_authres method to generate a basic Authentication-Results header for the message
- add md_arc_sign method to sign email messages with DKIM ARC signatures
- add md_dkim_verify method to verify DKIM signatures

All new modules (DKIM, ARC, Authres) are not loaded by default, you should load the module in your mimedefang-filter code if you want to use it.
All incompatibilities with 2.86 version have been removed.

Release can be downloaded from https://github.com/The-McGrail-Foundation/MIMEDefang/releases/tag/v3.0-rc2

Please test.
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