[Mimedefang] Spamassassin Removal?

postfix at ptld.com postfix at ptld.com
Tue Jul 27 09:46:12 EDT 2021

> you can just set $Features{"SpamAssassin"}=0
> and no additional code will be loaded.

Set where? In mimedefang.pl or in the mimedefang-filter body? And if in 
the filter does location matter? If too soon will it get over written by 
code in mimedefang.pl?

     sub detect_and_load_perl_modules {
         if (!defined($Features{"AutoDetectPerlModules"}) or
         $Features{"AutoDetectPerlModules"}) {
         if (!defined($Features{"SpamAssassin"})) {
             (eval 'use Mail::SpamAssassin (); $Features{"SpamAssassin"} 
= 1;')
             or $Features{"SpamAssassin"} = 0;
         $Features{"SpamAssassin"} = 1; #<-- HERE??? Or safer in 
mimedefang-filter body?

Another thing that im not understanding, is in the above sub 
detect_and_load_perl_modules() it's checking if 
$Features{"SpamAssassin"} is defined however i am not seeing anywhere in 
mimedefang.pl where $Features{"SpamAssassin"} gets set/created/defined 
to begin with. Does this happen in a hidden section of c code? Am i 
missing it somewhere else?

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