[Mimedefang] SA or not to SA was Spamassassin Removal?

Dianne Skoll dianne at skoll.ca
Tue Jul 27 09:41:10 EDT 2021

On Tue, 27 Jul 2021 09:22:41 -0400
"Kevin A. McGrail via MIMEDefang" <mimedefang at lists.mimedefang.org>

> For the stubs, great point. What would you estimate the RAM usage is?
> I'm assuming pretty tiny.

The SA glue code is pretty tiny.  The anti-virus glue code in
mimedefang.pl is substantially larger, making up more than 50% of all
the lines in mimedefang.pl.  Since people are unlikely to be running
more than one virus scanner, it means about 50% of mimedefang.pl is
just dead weight.

More code isn't only more RAM; it's also more attack surface.  Security
best practices indicate not installing code you don't need.

> We're about to put out MIMEDefang 2.85 and can build one without SA
> as a dependency if you think it's more than a few Kilobytes.

As per my posting at
I don't think MIMEDefang is fixable with little tweaks.



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