[Mimedefang] Spamassassin Removal?

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Tue Jul 27 09:36:07 EDT 2021

> Well, every mimedefang.pl process will have unnecessary glue code using
> up RAM unless you hack mimedefang.pl... which again invites a world of 
> pain
> from your package manager.

I looked inside mimedefang.pl and just wow. I was interested in 
mimedefang as it seemed like a simple framework, write some small subs 
in perl to capture milter calls, nothing more, clean and simple. But now 
i see there is a whole lot going on under the hood making it appear 
bloated like spamassasin IMO.

One thing that confuses me is in /etc/sysconfig/mimedefang:SUBFILTER you 
can set the path to the mimedefang-filter, however inside mimedefang.pl 
it looks like that path is hard coded. So is 
/etc/sysconfig/mimedefang:SUBFILTER meaningless or am i missing 

Is it safe to rip out subs in mimedefang.pl or are they needed by the c 
parts of mimedefang? If im not going to use any of the spamassassin or 
virus scanning software can i safely remove all related subs like 
message_contains_virus_sophie()? Is there a list somewhere of which subs 
in mimedefang.pl are necessary and mimedefang wont run without? End goal 
is i want just an empty shell, that without me writing my own perl subs 
it wont be doing, checking, creating, loading, changing anything.

I briefly looked at the mailmunge site, however i would rather maintain 
things through the package manager and not do manual make installs.

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