[Mimedefang] Spamassassin Removal?

postfix at ptld.com postfix at ptld.com
Tue Jul 27 08:21:16 EDT 2021

I installed mimedefang on a RHEL8 flavor using dnf repos. As part of the 
install it installed spamassassin as a dependency. I will not be using 
spamassassin would like to uninstall it. Using dnf it wont remove it 
without also removing mimedefang. Is there a safe way to rip out 
spamassassin? Or is there a way to install mimedefang using dnf without 
including spamassassin?

I also removed the perl code in mimedefang-filter that has to do with 
spamassassin, is there any where else that would use/rely on 

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