[Mimedefang] MIMEDefang 2.85 is Released

Giovanni Bechis giovanni at paclan.it
Wed Aug 25 04:30:54 EDT 2021

Hi everyone,

A new release is available at https://mimedefang.org/#download

Release notes are below.

Thanks to all people involved in this release.

 Best Regards


2021-07-28 Giovanni Bechis <g.bechis at snb.it>

	* add experimental support to scan emails with Rspamd antispam

2021-07-20 Giovanni Bechis <g.bechis at snb.it>

	* remove --enable_cleanup_with_rm "configure" parameter,
	switch to non reentrant version of readdir(3)

2021-04-20 Dianne Skoll <dianne at skoll.ca>

	* Obtain the Queue-ID as early as possible in the SMTP
	session. Requires the "-y" command-line option to mimedefang.

	* Add support for USE_SETSYMLIST in the system unit and Red Hat
	init script; setting USE_SETSYMLIST=yes adds the "-y" command-line
	option to mimedefang.

2020-11-18 Giovanni Bechis <gbechis at pccc.com>

	* mimedefang.pl: Add support for a configuration file
	to separate data from code

2020-08-19 Giovanni Bechis <g.bechis at snb.it>

	* mimedefang.pl: Add support to scan messages for viruses on a remote
	Clamav server using clamdscan client.

2020-08-16 Giovanni Bechis <g.bechis at snb.it>

	* mimedefang.pl: Add re_match_in_rar_directory function to match
	unwanted file names extensions inside a rar archive file.

2020-06-02 Bill Cole <bill at scconsult.com>

	* mimedefang.pl: Added TLS support to md_check_against_smtp_server

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