[Mimedefang] Test

Benny Pedersen me at junc.eu
Sun Nov 22 13:39:28 EST 2020

Dianne Skoll via MIMEDefang skrev den 2020-11-22 19:24:

> That is a rather odd comment to post on the MIMEDefang mailing list, 
> no?

no free speak in frustration on that i have no knowledge on how to use 
MD, unfair ?

> Anyway... I'd really like to see MIMEDefang development activity pick
> up again.  I'm hoping The McGrail Foundation will attract more interest
> in the project.

amavisd works, why wait ?, well all other things works, its just that i 
dont use it because of missing knowledge to configure it as it should 
be, i am happy that fuglu is not that complicated to setup

same reason is for spamassassin vs rspamd, spamassassin is way more 
simple to make rules with, and doing the same with rspamd needs lot of 
more knowledge then using spamassassin

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