[Mimedefang] [External] Re: Test

Benny Pedersen me at junc.eu
Sun Nov 22 13:20:00 EST 2020

Fredrik Pettai skrev den 2020-11-22 18:42:

> This one? https://github.com/SpamExperts/OrangeAssassin ?
> It looked alive (it had recent commits), but a closer look shows its
> automation jobs doing all commits & pull requests etc. the last
> year(s).
> (but then again, SpamAssassin isn’t fast moving target these days…)

hope not to be enforced to use mimedefang, my simplest setup have being 
clamav-milter, spampd, and not more

now i just have fuglu in before queue content filter, this means i can 
concentrate on reject virus and reject high score spams

i will try make a gentoo ebuild for OA, if i works, i be happy :=)

i have mailed KAM on validMX with i have now put into gentoo overlay 

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