[Mimedefang] Add the .iso extension to the forbidden list

Kevin A. McGrail KMcGrail at PCCC.com
Wed Jun 26 18:30:44 EDT 2019

On 6/26/2019 6:25 PM, Kenneth Porter wrote:
> <https://www.zdnet.com/article/this-phishing-campaign-uses-an-odd-tactic-to-infect-windows-pcs-with-two-forms-of-trojan-malware/>
> The attackers are spreading malware as executables in small ISO disk
> images.
> I'm adding iso to $bad_exts in filter_bad_filename. 

Interesting.  We've seen this attack vector for years.  You are welcome
to look at our blocked attachment list at
including information about why we blocked it.


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