[Mimedefang] DKIM body hash won't verify.

Matthew Schumacher matt.s at aptalaska.net
Sat Feb 23 14:26:27 EST 2019

On 2/22/19 10:48 AM, Dianne Skoll wrote:
> Hi,
>> I just put DKIM on my mail system, but gmail rejects with "body hash did not
>> verify", so something is wrong with how I'm hashing.  Does this code look
>> reasonable?
> [snip]
> The code looks fine.  Do services other than Gmail report a valid DKIM
> signature?  I've observed occasional DKIM verification failures by
> Gmail that I've yet to be able to explain, when all other verifiers
> work correctly.
> Regards,
> Dianne.

Thanks for the feedback Dianne, it turns out that single part mime 
messages were being reduced to simple mime causing different headers to 
be signed.  When I changed the code to sign the message in INPUTMSG 
instead of the entity that is passed filter_wrapup, everything started 
working fine.

Thanks again.

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