[Mimedefang] Network connection for MD->ClamAV?

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Thu Feb 21 17:04:38 EST 2019

Bill Cole wrote:
> I'm working on a setup for an expandable cluster of machines running 
> clamd, for the use of multiple MX hosts running diverse MTAs. 
> Unfortunately, my do-it-all preferred milter (MD) only supports talking 
> to clamd over a local unix socket. Has anyone worked out a solid way 
> around this?
> My thoughts on ways to do it are:

> 2. Just have MD use the 'clamdscan' client with a config file pointing 
> at the clamd server.

We do this one;  it's been working well for years.  The only downside, 
in my view, is the network traffic pushing all that mail back and forth 
to the scanning server.

We also switched from randomly picking a configuration file (each one 
set up for a different clamd node), to using Linux LVM load balancing a 
while back as well.  We originally hit a "Damn Thing Don't Work" error 
trying that, about half a dozen Clam releases and about for Debian 
releases ago.  I don't recall ever seeing an actual cause we could point 
to, and IIRC as of the server refresh we did for our current systems, it 
Just Worked.


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