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Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Thu Nov 8 03:00:08 EST 2018

Hi Kris

Yes, using an ip socket circumvents the permission maze of file based
sockets :-)

> Plugging ClamAV into MIMEDefang tends to hit the same permissions maze, 
> along with a light dose of "where did Clam actually put the socket?", 
> since I think MD looks in the "wrong" place by default.  This has 
> probably been fixed in newer packages.

Aye! Having ClamAV / SpamAssassin / MIMEDefang all running under the
same user, their directories and logfiles (also mind
logrotate / syslog configs) belonging to that user etc. fixed the issue
for us, with the new issue that upgrading those packets usually revert
the 'user' fix and we have to fix it again. But that's life as a
Sysadmin :-)

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