[Mimedefang] cpanel whm centos 6.9 flag on header keywords?

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Wed Jan 10 13:55:34 EST 2018

Chip wrote:
> So I'm trying to ascertain the real value of jumping ship from the
> filtering capabilities of SpamAssassin (which can use regex expressions)
> to a .procmail/perl module hybrid.

They're tools for different types of mail filtering.  You can't really 
replace one with the other.

SpamAssassin is intended to flag mail as spam or not spam, based on the 
aggregated results of hundreds of different tests, but it doesn't 
otherwise change anything about how the message is handled.  (If your 
GUI control panel claims that it does, it's glossing over the extra 
configuration it does to handle different SA results in different ways.) 
  Among other things, SpamAssassin itself has NO support for doing the 
actual message delivery to a mail folder;  it relies on procmail and 
friends for that.

procmail and similar tools are used to take different actions depending 
on the results of single individual tests.  "Individual tests" can mean 
calls to programs like SpamAssassin, or much simpler checks on the 
contents of headers or body.  procmail certainly supports regular 
expressions, just not (IIRC) Perl-compatible regular expressions.

> Whereas SpamAssassin is already built into Cpanel/WHM and is opeartional
> and I have minimally tested it to approval, the hybrid model looks
> attractive.

cPanel either already uses procmail or some similar external program, or 
uses some component of Exim to do basic message sorting and actually 
deliver messages to a mail folder.

Looking at a cPanel instance controlling something of an experimental 
personal domain, it looks like the filtering supports most of the common 
message-data matches by way of Exim's internal features.

You should probably check on a cPanel forum or contact your hosting 
provider for further help, but it looks to me like the built-in email 
filtering and sorting solution should be able to do what you need.  As 
far as I could see, you've got a fair bit of flexibility there already 
to file messages in different folders based on contents of various headers.

Trying to wedge SpamAssassin in to check on other headers, and then 
trying to configure whatever handles the SA results to do what you want, 
is going to be working against the tools.  For the sake of curiosity, 
what were you trying to achieve that you couldn't do in cPanel as-is?

> I'm just wondering about the wiring of this into cpanel/WHM and any
> conflicts it could create: such as what happens when both SpamAssassin
> and perl module hybrid compete for filtering?  Things like that.
> The downside of SpamAssassin is it doens't move to folders just changes
> the subject line, which I then query in the Cpanel built-in exim filters
> to move.

SpamAssassin's flagging method can be changed in quite a few different 
ways;  see the documentation at 
  I'm not sure how much of this is exposed in cPanel though (looks like 
"next to nothing");  you may have to see if there's an "edit 
configuration file by hand" widget to get at many of these options.


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