[Mimedefang] cpanel whm centos 6.9 flag on header keywords?

Kris Deugau kdeugau at vianet.ca
Tue Jan 9 13:31:21 EST 2018

Chip wrote:
> Newbie excited to use the features of mimedefang for a new project that
> needs to flag inbound email for sorting into folders  (this can be done
> via cpanel-level filtering) based on keywords in headers.

MIMEDefang would be a powerful point of access, but it's not very 
user-accessible when you need to make changes.  Mail sorting is IMO best 
done purely on delivery with procmail, sieve, or some other similar 
system that runs on per-user final delivery.

Why add new flags to a message with MIMEDefang?  I'd imagine that 
whatever system cPanel uses, you should be able to set up suitable 
filters directly off the original information rather than do all the 
extra work adding reformatted duplicate information.

> This is a Centos 6.9 machine running cpanel/WHM
> Running "rpm -q sendmail postfix exim" show sendmail is not installed
> yet there is a sendmail binary in /usr/sbin/sendmail.  No sendmail.mc
> anywhere in system.

"/usr/bin/sendmail" is considered a generic interface for local programs 
to inject mail into the local mail system, whatever MTA is actually in 
use.  It's generally a symlink to the MTA-specific version.

> Exim version 4.89_1
> Very broad question here: given the above information can this be done
> on this machine with the existing software?

No.  MIMEDefang requires an MTA that supports the "milter" mail 
filtering interface, which Exim doesn't support last I checked.  To my 
knowledge only sendmail (which originated the interface) and Postfix 
support milters.


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