[Mimedefang] Postfix: How to run the milter BEFORE reject_unverified_recipient

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Tue Feb 20 06:43:16 EST 2018

Dear Lists (sorry for the xpost).

I have a milter which performs SRS Signing in case of forwarded emails
and SRS Verification of bounces.

This worked quite well, until we configured our mail plattform to also
relay emails for other domains and thus activated
reject_unverified_recipient to perform smtp forward recipient checking.


Well unfortunately reject_unverified_recipient is checking the
recipient BEFORE it is passed throught the milter check_recipient would
extract the real recipient from a valid signed SRS address.

So every recipient SRS signed bounced recipient is being rejected by

So is there any way to configure postfix to either run the milter
BEFORE reject_unverified_recipient or to not run
reject_unverified_recipient for the transports
address_verify_local_transport or address_verify_virtual_transport but
only for address_verify_relay_transport?

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

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