[Mimedefang] action_drop_with_warning and refuse to sender

Jeff Makey jeff at sdsc.edu
Fri Aug 24 11:37:21 EDT 2018

Apparently MIMEDefang has no action_notify_recpients() feature,
presumably because of the dangers Dianne described.  resend_message()
isn't quite the right thing, either, but may have code you can

If you are willing to risk the dangers of both bouncing and forwarding
a message, then in your filter_end() subroutine you can call
action_bounce() *and* you can do whatever you need to do (I pipe the
original to sendmail) to send a completely new message to the
recipient(s).  You can do these two things in either order because a
call to action_bounce() takes effect after filter_end() returns.

                          :: Jeff Makey
                             jeff at sdsc.edu

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