[Mimedefang] base64 to quoted-printable

Michael Fox news at mefox.org
Fri Oct 13 09:53:33 EDT 2017

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> >Unfortunately, it's an amateur radio BBS written in the 80s that only
> understands plain text.
> > It's still extremely useful and widely used, especially in emergency
> comms
> So worthwhile investing some cash and getting it updated so that it can
> cope with the modern world?  [clipped]

While I appreciate everyone's attempt to warn me that "there be dragons", the facts are that the client is what it is, it serves hundreds of people (in my location alone), and the problem needs solving.  

And, while I may be a newbie to MIME and MIMEDefang (and Perl, for that matter), I'm definitely NOT a newbie in most other respects.  I've been doing network engineering since the days of the NSFnet and I'm pretty certain I understand this particular application need better than anyone else here.

So, going forward, I'm hopeful I can get advice and help on MIME and MIMEDefang here.  And warnings about dangers of this or that detail or approach are, of course, very helpful.  But suggesting that the client be changed doesn't really answer the questions that I'm asking.

Paul, Dianne: regarding readability of quoted-printable:  again, I'm a newbie to MIMEDefang, not the world.  So I understand and appreciate the warning but I still have to solve the problem.  The incoming messages were originated as plain ASCII text.  So, the quoted-printable results I'm seeing aren't hard to read at all.  But if worse comes to worse, I may end up squashing it to plain ASCII text.  We'll see.


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